Owl pellet dissection training session

Saturday’s training session at Wildside Experience was a super way to kick off this new strand to the project. Seventeen people came along to find out how to check owl pellets for signs of small mammals, and although the chances of finding harvest mouse remains are pretty low, we still managed to find one pellet from Meeth that had the tails of two harvest mice in it! The nest box there is approximately 500m from a known harvest mouse site, so an impressive result. Using this methodology Cornwall Mammal Group have identified 10 new sites for harvest mice this year, and we hope to identify places to search next season.

Below you can see photos taken during the afternoon. Huge thanks go to Dave Groves of Cornwall Mammal Group for coming up to run the session for us. If you would like to be involved in the next workshop or training session, please get in touch on harvestmouse@devonmammalgroup.org.

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