We’re back for another season!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to a brand new season for the Devon Harvest Mouse project! We’re back again, looking for nests throughout the county, and need your help to search as many locations as we can.

This year the project will have several parallel strands. We will be keeping the group surveys and training sessions going as they are our most successful way to get nest records. Anyone is welcome to join us on these, whether or not you have attended a training session or survey before. We will also keep our camera trap project going, and if you are interested in looking through photos from home to help, do get in touch. We’re also going to continue with our small scale owl pellet survey going, as the pilot has already identified harvest mice in two places, one of which is a brand new record.

This year, Devon Mammal Group have applied for funding again, but while we wait to hear if we have been successful, the group is funding the project through their membership funds. Please keep your fingers crossed that we are successful as if not, this will be our last season.. 

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