Recent surveys

Details of surveys so far this season (2023/24) can be seen on our posts page. We have been to Mutters Moor as part of the Sidmouth science festival, had a training session at Meeth, a survey at Lower Halsdon Farm, with more at Wembury, Countisbury, Brownsham, Rosemoor and Elbury.

2022/23 season

This season is flying by, and we have been holding surveys and training sessions all over the county, excitingly with lots of them in brand new locations. We’ve been to Coombe Mill, near Launceston, Northam Burrows and Bursdon Moor overlooking Lundy, Holbeton in the far south, Trinity Hill in the far east of the county and lots of others in between.

2021/22 season

During the 2021/22 season, we ran training sessions and group surveys all over Devon, and also the odd ones in Cornwall and Dorset.