Survey with the National Trust at Wembury

We had a fantastic session down at National Trust Wembury on November 27th . After a training session in their amazing barn, fourteen of us, a mix of full time staff, local council workers and volunteers went out looking for nests-and we found loads! We had the best total yet this season with 8 nests in three separate areas of the farm. Despite the rain threatening to curtail things, we struck lucky with our first nest literally the other side of the gate to the barn, and two more in that paddock. Several were found in the grass on the cliff edge further down, and another three in the five minutes we had looking at the pollinator edge around one of the fields further up the hill. This farm has recently been taken back in hand by the National Trust, and finding so many nests was a real boost to the team. There really was gold at the end of the rainbow!

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