Owl pellet workshop session

Thank you to everyone who came to the workshop session on Saturday. We had a full house (or rather full cattle barn!) and got through lots of pellets. It was fascinating watching how engrossed everyone was: even the luxury chocolate biscuits kindly provided by Chris and Paige hardly got a look in!

You’ll see that the map below has two new symbols on it: a barn owl with a green border to represent pellets which were found to have harvest mouse remains in them, and a red border to denote pellets that didn’t contain harvest mouse remains. This is bit of a trial to see how best to share the findings on the map, and we’ll see how it works over the next few weeks as more records come in.

Time flew by, and it was great to see people becoming more confident at identifying what they were finding. The overall consensus on the day was that people would like to have another session in a few weeks time, so if you know of anyone with owl pellets that we can look at, please do get in touch! It would be especially good to have pellets from areas where we haven’t yet had records this season. The session will hopefully be held at Woodah again: if you might be interested in coming along, please do get in touch.

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